Anarchy is the word of the day

Some in this country expound the their own theory of anarchy as a way to solve the divide in this country.

Anarchy is not a solution, it is a system without merit.

Years of philosophers have expounded on the theory of anarchy as a solution to “regulations” and “rules” from government, i.e. let me do it my own way.

Those who truly believe that delude themselves.

With anarchy, there would be no stop signs, no signal lights, no lane dividers, no “bot-dots” or other ways to help people drive from place A to place B.

There would be a rampant increase in the number of people in hospitals, not just from traffic collisions and crashes, but from the lack of safety precautions in workplaces, shops, stores, and/or merely as one walks down a street.

There is, for instance, a regulation to put “shields” on/around/under fluorescent light bulbs in stores. Why would anyone want to do that? Well, the regulation is to make the place safe from the results of a breakage or explosion of the bulb. The fluorescent material inside that bulb will, not could, will damage the lungs of persons who would inhale the powder substance which is in that bulb.

Regulation to safe drinking water. Flint Michigan is an example.
Anarchists would oppose these types of regulations.

Tires are required to have certain ability to not explode or rupture from mere rocks on the pavement.

Anarchists would have you believe that is useless to make that rule.

Pilot lights are now required to be Only lit by piezio ignition to prevent gas from escaping from ovens, stoves, water heaters, house heating units, which gas leakage could cause damage, or even death, by explosion and/or fires.

Anarchists are opposed to those regulations. All of them. And those are just a few.

Safe food? Anarchists philosophically oppose treating food to be safe.

Safe glass/window panes? Anarchists do not believe we should have any reasonable expectation of protection from breaking glass. Cars have “safety” glass for protection during crashes or collisions. Dumb regulation? I think not.

Anarchists would have you believe that is not a problem to be solved by regulations.

If they want to go to the store, buy spoiled food, slip on wet floors, bump into a pane of glass and get cut, or drink leaded water, then the anarchist ought to be allowed to do that.

Not to mention child safety seats in cars.

Generally speaking, the Anarchist is merely a spokesperson for the rich who decry government interfering in the business of doing business, thus making a profit at the expense of the unprotected.

Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Assad, Jung-Il, all are tyrants who took up the lantern of Anarchy for their own rise to power. The result is total domination.

No one questions their power else they are put to either death or penalized by prison.

Then, these tyrants turn away from their version of anarchy to become totally controlling.

Anarchy is merely a way to domination.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

All rise. Raise your hands. Repeat after me. AHH MEN.

Ally Lou Yah!