Six Forty Sam Five Four Nine Now!

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Print edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-44-2
eBook edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-45-9


This is real police work. Fast furious and in the end, the criminal turns out to be just who you thought it would be, but getting there involves a lot of inside politics, authority, and treachery. Ed Ashbrook is a crusty police officer with lots of years behind the wheel of the Ford Crown Victoria and his life is a mess of divorce, affairs, citations, and performance reviews with criticism of his actions toward the bad guys. That Ashbrook is a good cop never leaves your mind. He does things just slightly askew, but then again, he doesn't endanger any case he's bringing. Look for the bad guy to do something incredibly stupid.  And he does.  Ashbrook makes a good arrest and when you read the book it has a page turning, stay awake to read it, and sigh with satisfaction when you're done feeling about it.

Publisher's opinion:

I'm a radio personality and have a chance to read a lot of books. 640 Sam? WOW!

BH Phoenix