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Print Edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-64-0
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This is a story of two young men who start a life in the Marine Corps on parallel paths, they sep- arate only for days at a time. One goes to Flag rank, the other becomes a United States Senator, but in between that first day in boot camp until their last days, these two experience all the terror and feelings of when they would die. It is a story of love of country, love of Marine Corps, love of one another. Itís also a story of saving lives, battling enemies with incredible skills, and de- fying the law of averages, i.e., they survived.

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You got it right, Sarge! Chesty would be proud! ó Jim

* * *

Iíve been mesmerized by how accurate your com- bat scenes are. It is enthralling and very real to a reader. ó Colonel David

* * *

WOW! ó Captain Jim


Bad Day at Coa Danh