Balls of Ice

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Print edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-43-5
eBook edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-42-8


Start to finish, this book goes through drugs and money and jewels and fast paced all the way; it includes a dash of international intrigue for those who like ocean spanning crime. Murder of a whole family: mother, father, and two children is the kick off to a very bad day for a police detective who is certain it isn't drugs. His lieutenant is certain it's drugs and wants to dump this on the Narcotic division. It says a lot about how staff builds an ivory tower and then the damn thing falls on them in the end. Make yourself comfortable as you will not likely set this book down until you are done reading it. Fun stuff for the reader who likes to get the bad guy quickly, surely, and sends him off for his just rewards. And that does happen! Just think Curva Peligroso. The San Diego Police Department has great cops. None of them are actually involved in anything like this, nor were they ever, but if they had been, a team led by people such as Greg Nojima, Chief of Dectives Homicide, would surely find them. These guys are good!



Balls of Ice is one damn fine piece of work. None of that color of the pants, flowers on the dresses, and detail after detail which keeps the story from moving along. This author really spins a tale. I love it. Kept at it until I finished in the late dark hours of the night. Rather exciting in some spots and even more so as I wanted to find out how this thing ended. Good writing does that. I'm glad to have been able to say I thought this was one of the best reads of a police procedural novel in years. Maybe some top 10 New York Times reviewer ought to check this thing out. Olin is an award winning writer and has the medals to prove it. He's gotten accolades from his publisher as a writer with talents yet to be discovered by the big boys and his publisher is glad Olin stuck with him.

Jim Davis, professor English (small Michigan college)