Beverly Hills White

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Print edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-48-0
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When the doctor died, he held the secret to all the things his friends had done.
He wanted, clearly, to make a better life for himself, but in the end, it all came to a bloody end in the middle of his office.

The wife, almost helplessly and hopelessly inept, had to struggle through the death, the burial, and the life without his guidance to help her.

The detectives were relentless in the search for the killers of the popular and successful doctor. They didn't have the slightest intention of letting up until the shooter, the killer, was caught.

The whole country read about it in the papers and followed the day by day information given them by the Beverly Hills Police Department Public Affairs Official. Not once did anything stop the police from getting their man.

* * * *

The Uptown Review is dedicated to the writers in San Diego who have published a book in the last year. These reviews are taken seriously.

Mr. Thompson taught Creative Writing for several years and must have listened to his own words as he has taken his craft to another level. Award winning already, if this book is any indication of his future, these awards will keep coming.

This book is filled with tidbits of "damn this is good" and “WOW, I wish I'd written that" and "he really did his research.” Mr. Thompson deserves every award he receives because he writes very well and the images are life-like and make you think in terms of how solid his characters are. Read on.

— William Covens, Editor in Chief