Buzzards Gotta Eat

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Print Edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-53-4
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Jim was able to survive a catastrophe and follow the trail of a man so evil he had not once cared who he killed or how badly he treated people. But, Jim was not going to let this evil man get away with the kidnapping of that “woman on the stage.” And when he found she was after the Comanchero herself, he joined up with her and they trailed and found the man. The results were as expected. But, before the end of his career, it was a hard task and even then the man escaped the gallows and returned seeking his own vengeance.

* * * *

Mr. Thompson found a spot in New Mexico where the time was just right for the westward expansion. He knows the territory, or at least he's studied the area because he seems to have hit it spot on. Well done, Mr. Thompson, you have a knack for getting the feel for western life.
Good for you.

I've read it twice and I'm sure I will do it again.

— Sonny Sontag, Swedish PHD student