La Cresta de las Sandias

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Print Edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-51-0
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Jim Rayburn was the Texas Ranger assigned to the bad lands of west Texas from down by Alpine up past Mr. Lubbock's range. His wife was killed by a complete bad boy named Billy Blue Eyes. The gun fight in the middle of town was what Jim hoped it would be. He'd gotten through a year or more of drunk trying to forget the loss, but hadn't. Billy Blue Eye's death would be the only thing to save Jim. Billy and his gang lost the gun battle. Jim moved on to New Mexico and took the job as local Marshal for a small town. He had to solve a murder and when he did he ran up against the local wealthy land owner and a cut throat band of hands who would kill just for the reward the man offered. Jim had to battle the land owner and save the wife and daughter of the dead man at the same time. He lived up to his reputation, man of law. There was no quit in him. He lived the law of the west and made it work. Jim Rayburn, Texas Ranger and Town Marshal. A real western hero.


This book has all the appeal a western can have for the avid old west reader. In the shadow of great writers, Olin has come up with another to follow his series of the Egan and Deans. He's made his mark as a fine wordsmith and these events about which he wrote are as real as if they had actually happened.
Sam Warren, publisher