No Hiding Place

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Print edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-28-2
eBook edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-34-3


This is the third book in the five book saga of: Dean and Egan, the Story of Two families. Still within the old western traditions, even though it's the 20th Century, this story leads a twisted and often fortuitous path to capture a murdering bank robber who has little or no conscience about what he needs to do to become a full operating citizen in a modern society.

There is a finality to the book right at the beginning. The murdering bank robber is known. The end is, once more, predictable. However, as always, the story leaves out the who, how, and why the end comes to the bad person.

This story spans two continents, clears the names of several who were treated with disrespect, and makes amends to many involved in the crimes of the bad man.

When you pick this book up, remember, you may not want to put it down, so prepare yourself for hours of strapped to your chair reading.


Pretty good writing for readers who love those tingling endings.

Joan McCallister, attorney at law