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Print Edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-66-4
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The blood was everywhere. The man they hung for the murder escaped and went to Mexico. The young man who helped him was a stranger in town. How did all these things come together to solve one of the oddest things to ever happen in Sabana Pass? And how did the Marshal afford that brand new Duryea? Turn of the century is only a few years off and this is the most important case in this city's short life. Clearly the woman was missing.

Had she been thrown in the canyon and lions or wolves dragged her to the forest to finish their feast? Had the house been the murder scene? Had the brand new husband really done the deed? Things go pretty fast and furious to solve this since the time was short to get it solved.
Keep this book for that time you know you have to finish it since you won't like to put it aside at any time. It's what they call a page turner and a don't-put-'er-down book.

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This book is typical of Olinís others. The best writing I've seen from almost any writer. Talk about page turners. This book was hard to put down. It read easily and fast. Good writing, great story, and rivals almost any other of this genre I've ever read and I have an 800 book library.

ó Mrs. Marie Dean, former executive secretary for a major computer firm


Posse from Texas