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The woman was treated to everything a woman might want, jewels, finest hotels, marriage by a priest in the most sacred of Texas towns San Antonio, and trips to New Orleans and finally to Richmond, Virginia. You know the destination, but the why is really important. She had been seduced by the man who would take her to be sold into a high class prostitution ring featuring well placed politicians and leaders in the new government after the Civil War. The woman was a mere trophy to the seducer. The wronged man was chasing them, following scant leads, and finally finding the truth he faced his tormentor and in the final act..., well, perhaps you'd better read it to know how it ends.

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Writers of westerns use many techniques to discover their tales are realistic. This one took the author to Texas for extensive searching for ideal locations for a background for this book. He also read many articles about how the drugs were used not only to influence and inslave people, but also discovered it was a well known medication used widely.

The insidious nature of the criminals here is so pervasive in so many other ventures in the new South, there are hundreds and hundreds of stories yet to be written. The author is going to write more, just as interesting and enthralling as this one.

Sam Warren, Publisher


Sabina Wolf