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Print Edition ISBN: 978-0-945949-62-6
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You want vengeance? You need a wrong righted? You call these men and they do the job for you and you donít have to get your pretty soft hands soiled. No charge. Just ask them for their expert help and boom, they go do it. From the Neanderthal former Hungarian dictator and beast to the most recent racists on the African continent. These well trained and fully capable men take a lustful delight in making a statement which will be heard. The bad will pay the price and it could be terminal if they donít.

Take it from the readers who have spent hours without stopping reading, you have a hard time putting this book down, when they say, WOW! These guys mean business.
They travel around the world and within their own communities and stop a few of those who prey on the less fortunate. It isnít easy, no one ever said it would be, but itís effective.

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I read this book. Olin said I wouldnít be able to put it down. Heís right. I spent the whole day and into the night just mesmerized by the story. The guy tells a real tale. Itís full of action; vengeance may be mine, sayeth the Lord, but it works for these three men as well!

ó George, Writer and ethicist


Vengeance Force